Congratulations to Chew Bahir team for new short film!

A new short film called Chew Bahir has been produced by Julian Ruddock, the Chew Bahir team artist-in-residence, and his 3D-team in close cooperation with the-CHB/HSPDP Cologne working group and financed by the German CRC806 project. Click on the link below:


Congratulations to our colleagues for the following new and recent HSPDP publications

 (PDFs available at this website under “Research>Publications”)

Roberts, H., Ramsey, C.B., Chapot, M.S., Deino, A.L., Lane, C.S., Vidal, C., Asrat, A., Cohen, A.S.,
Foerster, V., Lamb, H.F., Schabitz, F., Trauth, M.H., and Viehberg, F.A., 2021, Using multiple
chronometers to establish a long, directly-dated lacustrine record: Constraining >600,000 years of
environmental change at Chew Bahir, Ethiopia. Quaternary Science Reviews.