Congratulations to our colleagues for the following new and recent HSPDP publications

 (PDFs available at this website under “Research>Publications”)

Roberts, H., Ramsey, C.B., Chapot, M.S., Deino, A.L., Lane, C.S., Vidal, C., Asrat, A., Cohen, A.S.,
Foerster, V., Lamb, H.F., Schabitz, F., Trauth, M.H., and Viehberg, F.A., 2021, Using multiple
chronometers to establish a long, directly-dated lacustrine record: Constraining >600,000 years of
environmental change at Chew Bahir, Ethiopia. Quaternary Science Reviews. 

Arnold, G.E., Foerster, V., Trauth, M.H., Lamb, H., Schaebitz, F., Asrat, A., Szczech, C., and Günter, C.,
2021, Advanced Hyperspectral Analysis of Sediment Core Samples from the Chew Bahir Basin, Ethiopian
Rift, in the Spectral Range from 0.25 to 17µm: Support for Climate Proxy Interpretation. Frontiers in
Earth Science.

Trauth, M.H., Asrat, A., Berner, N., Bibi, F., Foerster, V., Grove, M., Kaboth-Bahr, S., Maslin, M.,
Mudelsee, M., and Schabitz, F., 2021, Northern Hemisphere Glaciation, African climate and human
evolution. Quaternary Science Reviews. 268

Yost, C.L., Lupien, R.L., Beck, C., Feibel, C.S., Archer, S.R., Cohen, A.S., 2021, Orbital Influence on
Precipitation, Fire, and Grass Community Composition From 1.87 to 1.38Ma in the Turkana Basin, Kenya.
Frontiers in Earth Science.

Deocampo, D.M., Owen, R.B., Lowenstein, T.K., Renaut,R.W., Rabideaux, N.M., Billingsley, A., Cohen,
A., Deino, A.L., Sier, M.J., Luo, S., Shen, C.-C., Gebregiorgis, D., Campisano, C., and Mbuthia, A., 2021,
Orbital control of Pleistocene euxinia in Lake Magadi, Kenya. Geology.