The Earth Images film “Climate of the Hominins”, which tells the HSPDP story has started being aired at PBS affiliates around the US . There is a link to more information at the Earth Image's website As of a few weeks ago it had been aired by a number of stations including KCET Los Angeles (2nd biggest market in US), KAWB Minneapolis, WEFS Orlando, WIPB Indianapolis, KUEN Salt Lake City, KET Kentucky, WPTD Ohio, and WCNY Syracuse!

"Climate of the Hominins" is also available to rent, stream, and buy on Amazon:


Andy Cohen, Henry Lamb, and Helen Roberts interview on BBC-Wales Radio about HSPDP (the July 12 recording of Science Café )

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HSPDP featured in Drilling Industry news

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Mark Sier radio interview(from 40 mins onwards in Dutch)

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Andy Cohen's interview on Bill Buckmaster's Show (Dec. 18, 2013)

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