Congratulations to Johanna Kruger et al. on their new publication!

Krueger J, Foerster V, Trauth MH, Hofreiter M and Tiedemann R (2021) Exploring the Past Biosphere of Chew Bahir/Southern Ethiopia: Cross-Species Hybridization Capture of Ancient Sedimentary DNA from a Deep Drill Core.
Front. Earth Sci. 9:683010. doi: 10.3389/feart.2021.683010

Congratulations to Markus Fisher et al. on their new publication!

Fischer, M.L.; Bachofer, F.; Yost, C.L.; Bludau, I.J.E.; Schepers, C.; Foerster, V.; Lamb, H.; Schäbitz, F.; Asrat, A.; Trauth, M.H.; et al. A Phytolith Supported Biosphere-Hydrosphere Predictive Model for Southern Ethiopia: Insights into Paleoenvironmental Changes and Human Landscape Preferences since the Last Glacial Maximum. Geosciences 2021, 11, 418. https://

Congratulations to our colleagues for the following new and recent HSPDP publications

 (PDFs available at this website under “Research>Publications”)

Roberts, H., Ramsey, C.B., Chapot, M.S., Deino, A.L., Lane, C.S., Vidal, C., Asrat, A., Cohen, A.S.,
Foerster, V., Lamb, H.F., Schabitz, F., Trauth, M.H., and Viehberg, F.A., 2021, Using multiple
chronometers to establish a long, directly-dated lacustrine record: Constraining >600,000 years of
environmental change at Chew Bahir, Ethiopia. Quaternary Science Reviews.